(Gv 1,1-18)

Today is Christmas! God is made man, he has entred in the history to transform it to deify it.
Jesus is the immense gift of the Father to the humanity, but not all recognize him. Also for them, we must offer our thanksgiving to the Father. We must celebrate the Christmas renewing our faith in the child-God come to save us, to create a new family of brothers united by the love, wide on the whole Earth.
In front of God that draws near to us, he bends himself on us, taking our flesh, we have the duty to welcome him and reset all of our life as children of God and brothers of Christ. The Christmas asks to us Christians to bring to complete maturation in the life the gift of the faith.
The Word that become flesh shows us God that acts and he hocks, that doesn’t remain empty word, promise don’t carried out. How not to see again, therefore, our words and our promises, how not to pass to the facts to accept the invitation to live in the communion with God and with our brothers?
Let’s look around us. Pay our attention, God’s love in us, to everybody, but in particular way to whom suffers, to the more paupers, to whom is alone, poor, small and sick. That the affect communion with them and of goods makes shine a family of brothers that celebrate the arrival of the Child of God among us.

Heart’s awake, life wakes and Merry Christmas!


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